Premium banner featured on the Recruiting Trends home page. Banner is placed at the top of the home page.  Rich media can be served from the Leaderboard position.

Specs: 728 x 90




Half Page

Fixed-position large rectangular banner featured along the right side of the Recruiting Trends home page.

Specs: 300 x 600


These premium single-sponsored advertising opportunities are designed to deliver your marketing message with maximum impact.

Interstitial advertisements provide an excellent opportunity for focusing a visitor’s attention for roughly 5-10 seconds on your core marketing message.

Recruiting Trends offers a 640×480, sponsor ad that appears as the Recruiting Trends home page loads.

Recruiting Trends Bulletin

Recruiting Trends Bulletin is distributed to our opt-in subscribers weekly and features top stories from the recruiting industry. Often, it provides readers a first look at our award-winning content and journalism, thereby making it an ideal environment for your advertising message.


1 Billboard (600×235)
1 Medium Rectangle (300×250)
2 Sponsorships (50 words, link & logo)

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