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Human Resource Executive® was established in 1987 and continues today as the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR.


Written primarily for vice presidents and directors of human resources, the magazine provides these key decision-makers with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators.

The Numbers

Market Position

Readers prefer Human Resource Executive magazine 4 to 1 over any other.

65,000 subscribers & 100,000+ email subscribers.

% of readers who find Human Resource Executive magazine the most helpful in providing solutions to the issues they face.

91% say changes to budget amounts are made at the director level or higher.

100+ advertisers in 2020 and 700+ clients overall in 2020.

% of readers who find Human Resource Executive magazine content the most strategic.

22 editorial awards in the last 5 years.

The 5 biggest challenges the readers face are:
1. Engagement and Productivity 2. Retaining Key Talent 3. Attracting and Retaining Diverse Talent 4. Aligning Talent With Business Objectives 5. Developing Leaders

Prefer print magazine – without a doubt our print magazine remains the gold standard for our audience.

Content, Brand, In Person, Leads all working together.

The average number of minutes readers spend with each issue of the magazine!

The most respected publication in our industry.




The most innovative, creative and respected

magazine, website and events in the industry.


Rich Content Marketing opportunities that include

White Papers, Thought Leadership, Case Studies

eBooks and Infographics.


Engaging content and design provide compelling

advertising opportunities.


The largest HR Technology Conference in the World,

the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference,

HR Tech Virtual Conference,

HRTech China, and HR Festival Asia.

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